Friday, January 16, 2015

The Joy of ART - Evgeny Balakshin

        While I have no artistic ability when it comes to painting, art is a medium that I find fascinating and peaceful. And while it's technically not book related, I consider paintings to be communication without words.
        So I would like to occasionally share some artwork and hope that you will enjoy this regular feature as much as I do. If you like these paintings or one stands out to you, please share.

Girl in Blue

Evgeny Balakshin

Evgeny Balakshin is a Russian artist, born in 1962 in Saransk, Russia. According to his bio, his paintings "have a deep and philosophical presence, characteristic of the Russian school of painting." Balakshin does some still life paintings, but it's his portraits of children and village life that I enjoy most (click on each image for a larger view).

This sweet little girl just might be my favorite . . .

Name Day

Or maybe this one . . .

Summer in the Country

Gone Fishing
In the Spring

Anderson's Fairy Tales

Summer Afternoon

Armful of Hay



  1. Beautiful paintings and the artist captures the children in a moment in time.

    1. So glad you visited, Terra! I never realized how much I enjoyed art until I started doing these features. And those little guys and gals really get to me.

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful paintings, Carole. Portraits are one of the most challenging types of art.

    1. Mary, so glad you saw these! As you know, I'm a musician with no drawing ability - but I can appreciate how challenging portraits would be. There are other children's artists that I'm more familiar with, so I was surprised at how good Balakshin is.

  3. Carole, these paintings are beautiful! Just the thing to feast my eyes on after a long day at the computer. The little girls make me think of my granddaughters.

  4. Beautiful art. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Amazing works. I love to use watercolour but not as par as this artist. Amazing artist =)

    Dropping by from

  6. I can see much talent, these are very nice and well done.

  7. Gorgeous art! I love the little girl hugging the goat and the little artist. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are really pretty portraits. Thanks for sharing at Literacy Musing Mondays.

  9. I really like the first one, Girl in Blue, that you shared here. I hadn't heard of this artist, but I really like his work so thanks so much for sharing at Booknificent Thursday!

  10. Charming! I like the clarity of the colors, the realism, with just a touch of whimsey. Love-love. Glad I dropped by....Cathy