Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Joy of ART - Love, the Greatest of These

"Marry Me" by Tricia Reilly-Matthews

Romantic paintings are so much fun!! Whether whimsical or elegant, nostalgic or impressionistic, young love or love that has endured through the years, they are full of joy, promise and hope. Click on the images for larger views, and may these give you joy today . . .

Frederick Sands Brunner / Arthur Saron Sarnoff

"Romance in Santorini" by Mikki Senkarik

"Cupid's Arrow" / "For My Valentine" by Tom Wood
"School Romance" by John Bindon

"Dance Under the Rain" by Leonid Afremov

Bob Hefferan

"Groundwork" / "Road Ahead" by John Sloane

"Magnolia Morning" by Mort Kunstler

"No Place Like Home" by Diane Dengel

"Fall in Love" / "Love of My Life" by Tricia Reilly-Matthews

"Moments to Remember" by Mark Keathley

But I think it's these paintings by Paula Vaughn depicting a joyous and lasting love that are my favorites . . .

"Always and Forever" by Paula Vaughn

"Grow Old Along with Me" by Paula Vaughn

What paintings speak to you?

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  1. No Place Like Home by Diane Dengle made me stop and chuckle. That is how I picture Wade and I - probably not very many years from now! I love the smiles on their faces and how they are snuggled together even after all those years! Yep, even the blankets all untucked! We don't have a cat, but the dog fits too. Thanks for sharing these, they gave me the warm fuzzies! Kim

    1. Kim, isn't that picture delightful?! Young love is great, but it's the enduring love, happiness and closeness that I appreciate most. This picture really is a classic. So glad you visited and commented, Kim!

  2. Grow Old Along with Me speaks volumes to me. At first, it reminded me of my grandfather, who served in WWI and was married to my grandmother for over 50 years. And then, I realized it could be me, also a Veteran, trying to fit into one of my old uniforms a few years from now. And then, maybe my husband, trying to fit into his! Amazing how one image can conjure up such thoughts. Thank you for a wonderful post. I stopped in from the Booknificent Link-Up. Tina brings people from all over the world together with her "party."

    1. Thank you so much for visiting, Valerie! I have grown to love Tina's heart and all that her "party" accomplishes.

      You're exactly right about Grow Old Along with Me. I don't know how one picture can speak so strongly, but it does. This reminds me of my dad, a WWII Veteran. A picture in his Army uniform is one of my most treasured memories of him, and he and my mom had a love that endured until death.

  3. I love the puppies in Cupid's Arrow. These paintings are simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment, Mary! These pictures are quite varied, but each one speaks to me in its own way. You'll see more of Tom Wood, the artist of Cupid's Arrow. He frequently uses cats and dogs and his paintings are precious.