Monday, November 30, 2009

These thoughts by Randy Vader (PraiseGathering Music Group) beautifully express the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

A Thanksgiving Prayer
- Randy Vader

For love that knows no limit,
for grace we couldn’t earn,
for patience beyond measure,
for lessons yet to learn;

For joy in spite of sorrow,
for victory in loss,
for the plan that bought our pardon,
for the manger…for the cross;

For granting us life eternal,
for the promise of Your word,
for gifts of priceless treasure,
for the still small voice we’ve heard;

For family, friends and neighbors,
for loved ones one and all,
for the beauty of creation,
displaying the kaleidoscope of fall;

We bring You our Thanksgiving,
we offer You our praise,
we yield our aspirations,
to seek Your holy ways.

Thank you Heavenly Father
for all that You have done,
for the comfort of Your Spirit,
for the Savior, Christ, Your Son.

As we count our many blessings,
as we remember loved ones past,
we thank You for assurance
for Your peace that will surpass
the things we cannot fathom,
and will never understand,
we still choose to follow you Lord,
as You lead us by Your hand.

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  1. Beautiful prayer, Carole, and blog.
    I felt awful when my protagonist Sally addressed you on another blog and you thought I was really hurt.

    It was totally that Southern actress in my Sally.

    Blessings to you, Carole!!!
    P.S. would love to see you at my blog!!