Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Welcome Home
By Sharon Wildwind

Description (From Booklist):
Wildwind's amazing debut brings the Vietnam era to life--and in a remarkably captivating manner. An army nurse who served in Vietnam, Wildwind brings palpable authenticity to the setting and the characters. Captain Elizabeth "Pepper" Pepperhawk has returned from her tour in Vietnam to serve as head nurse at an army hospital in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Before she can report for duty, though, the dead body of a soldier appears in her hotel bed. Through the investigation, Pepper meets Avivah Rosen, a military police captain. Wildwind shifts point of view between the two women, adding another layer of interest to the story. Avivah and Pepper befriend Benny Kirkpatrick, a Green Beret with a heart of gold who readers get to know less deeply than the two women but who undoubtedly will figure in future stories. Wildwind evokes atmosphere beautifully--readers will feel the North Carolina heat and starched uniform collars--and she handles emotional nuance with equal aplomb. An original, heart-wrenching, brilliantly told story that will leave readers aching for the next installment.

My Thoughts:
I absolutely loved this book! The setting is Ft. Bragg, NC, during the Vietnam years - and rural NC also. There's so much depth to the characters and plot. Highly recommended.


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