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Author Spotlight: Robin Lee Hatcher + GIVEAWAY

Please join me in welcoming the talented and gracious Robin Lee Hatcher today! Robin is a popular and award-winning author, winner of the Christy Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction among others. I invite you to meet Robin, learn some interesting things about her - but most of all, see the love and commitment she has for the Lord.

Robin's newest release is a very moving book called A Promise Kept, a book that will speak to the heart of everyone who reads it. Although it is a work of fiction, the story is drawn from a chapter in the life of Robin and her husband. It is one of my favorites, a book of "read again" quality, and I hope many of you will pick up a copy of this book if you haven't read it already. Please see my review of A Promise Kept here.

Now pull up a chair and let's visit with Robin . . .

Q:  Robin, I can't tell you how much it means to have you with us today. Would you briefly introduce us to the "real" Robin Lee Hatcher, the inspiring woman behind so many books that we have enjoyed?

        This January, I celebrated 30 years as a published author. January was also the month when my 69th book was released. Funny thing is, I didn't know I wanted to be a writer until I started writing my first book. Now I can't imagine that I ever wanted to be or do anything else.
        I am a native Idahoan with a great love for my state, which is why the vast majority of my novels are set in Idaho. Although I've traveled all over the country, Idaho is home.
        I'm a wife, mom, and grandmother, three of my most favorite roles in life. I'm also a horse and dog and cat enthusiast. My daughters and oldest granddaughter are the horse owners these days. It is much less expensive for me to feed my 10 lb dog and my 13 lb cat than a half-ton horse!

Q:  Please share with us a little about your Christian testimony, Robin.

        I was led to the Lord primarily because of the prayers of my mother and through three Christian non-fiction books plus the reading of the Living Bible New Testament. I was born again on Valentine's Day 1976. After some tough life experiences in the years that followed, I allowed the cares of this world to draw me away from closely following Christ. But eventually an even more serious life crisis brought me back because there was nowhere else to turn but to God. The only option open to me was to hang on to the foot of the cross for all I was worth.
        Because of those years when my love had grown cold, I truly believed I had ruined my testimony and that God could never use me again. But He continued to do a healing work in my life and eventually brought me to the place where I knew He was calling me to write stories of faith for Him. So I turned my back on my secular writing career and began a new one writing Christian fiction. I am so very, very thankful for all that He has done in my life.

Q:  What are three things that hardly anyone knows about you?

Oh, gracious. I am such an open book about everything but my weight! I'm not sure there are three things that hardly anyone knows. But I'll try:

        1) I get claustrophobic in the dentist chair. It's a real mind over matter experience as I try to get through the dental cleaning every six months.
        2) Because my writing attire is a t-shirt and either PJ bottoms or exercise capris (depending on the time of year), I think "dressing up" is wearing jeans and shoes and makeup.
        3) I am an easy mark for anybody with a real dry sense of humor. I fall for their jokes 99% of the time.

Q:  What five adjectives would you use to describe your newest novel, A Promise Kept?


Q:  Tell us a little bit about A Promise Kept and specifically how your own life inspired this story.

        A Promise Kept is the story of two women, Allison and her great aunt Emma, whose prayers for their marriages do not get answered in the way they'd once hoped.
        Allison's part of the story is greatly inspired by events in my own life and marriage. My husband battled alcoholism throughout our 17+ years of marriage. Eventually, despite my prayers and what I believed was a promise from God about our marriage, it ended in divorce. I was heartbroken and confused, but all I knew to do was draw closer to God and keep hanging on to Him. I believed that divorce was The End to our story. I believed I was mistaken about the promise I'd thought God gave me. I was wrong on both counts.
        And because of the completely unexpected way God answered my prayers, I knew one day I would write a novel that shared this hope with my readers.

Q:  What important lessons did God teach you during this journey?

        1) I cannot be another person's savior. The role is much too big for a mere human being.
        2) I learned to go to an entirely new level of submission to the will of God, and from that comes what I consider my life lesson to be: "Nothing, absolutely nothing, enters my life that isn’t caused or allowed by God—filtered first through His loving hands—for the purpose of making me more like Jesus."

Q:  I loved Gizmo, a Papillon that features prominently in your story. Do you enjoy pets?

        Oh, yes. From the age of 12, I have never not owned a dog or cat or both. Sometimes more than one of each.
        Gizmo is based upon my precious (and less well-behaved) Papillon, Poppet. Her registered name is Ma Poupette des Bois which means "my small doll of the woods." She is ten years old now and is much beloved.
        Poppet reluctantly shares us with Princess Pinky, a black and white tuxedo rescue cat who disdains all of us most of the time (unless she wants to lie on a chest or be given some kitty treats). I got Pinky while I was going through treatment for cancer. Thus her name.

Q:  What novel or project are you working on now, Robin?

        I am currently revising what will be the first of a three book series of contemporary romances set in Kings Meadow (the setting for A Promise Kept). Although the book has a title, I like to wait to announce it until I have a cover—which I should have any day now. The book will release in November 2014.

Q:  For those of us who enjoy your writing, what are some ways we can support and encourage you?

        I am an extravert on the extreme end of the scale, so the Internet has been a wonderful boon for me. It allows me to interact with readers via my web site and blog and via email and via social media. My favorite social media site is my Facebook author page, but I can also be found on Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, and Pinterest.
        It is a real encouragement to hear from readers when they have purchased, read, and enjoyed a book. Just a few words can brighten an entire day. And when a reader loves a book and takes the time to write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads and/or other sites, it goes a long way in supporting an author. Word of mouth by current readers remains the best way for new readers to find an author. It is so appreciated.

Robin, I have personally enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate all that you shared with us. Reading fans, have you read any of Robin's books before? Do you have a favorite book or series? Have you, like Robin, grown closer to the Lord through a personal crisis?



Robin has graciously offered a copy of A Promise Kept to one of you, so please leave a comment or question for her, and share any of the extras you've done.

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  1. Paula, I saw your post early this morning, but it's not showing up here for some reason. Must be a "Blogger" thing. Thanks for coming by, though!

  2. Robin,
    Did you write much as a child?

  3. I haven't read any of Robin's books yet. I love the cover on A Promise Kept. It is a book I've been looking forward to reading. To answer your question--Yes, I have grown closer to God, since a personal crisis. After my husband died, I have found myself spending more time with the Lord--both in reading his Word and in meditating on it. His word had been a great comfort to me.
    I am a follower.
    I liked your Facebook page.

  4. I really enjoy Robin's books and so does my mother. Great interview. I love how you talked about all in your life goes through God's hand. Thank you. I keep learning that.

    Bonus #1- I follow your blog by email and GFC

    Bonus #2 I "Like" Your Facebook Page
    Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to get the book. I enjoy reading your books. And this interview. This book looks really good. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I like you on Facebook and follow your blog.

  6. Thanks for the interview ladies. I most recently read Robin's 'Where the Heart Lives' series. Very good books! I would love to read her newest book.


  7. I liked your FB page.


  8. Sounds like a wonderful book and I would love to win a copy. I have not read any of her books but I think I need to.

    Ann Ellison

  9. I have not read any of Robin's books. I enjoyed the interview and I know I will enjoy reading her books. Thanks!

  10. I follow by email.

  11. Thanks for the interview, Robin & Carole--I enjoyed reading it. I can't wait to read your book, Robin!

    Carole, I follow you on Google+ and I have already liked your FB page. jennismith1983(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Thank u for doing the interview
    Thank u for writing
    Please have a terrific day
    God bless u
    Chris Granville

    I liked your page
    I follow your blog

  13. What sweet thoughts, Kay! People usually react to a crisis by moving away from God in anger or by drawing closer like you did. Thanks for sharing, Kay.

    Cheryl, Ohio, Nancy and Patty - thanks so much for visiting with Robin today. Cheryl, be sure to leave your e-mail address.

  14. I have read several of Robin's books and loved them all. I know this one is going to be just as good.
    susanmsj at msn dot com.
    I am a follower of your blog.

  15. Robin, your book sounds fantastic. I want to read this so much. Thanks for this opportunity. Sonja dot Nishimoto at gmail dot com


  16. Hi Robin, is this a stand alone or a series? I would love to win it.
    I am a follower of this blog.
    I have liked this site on FB.
    Thanks Carole for this give-away. Robin is a favorite of mine. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  17. I have not read any of Robin's books, but after reading this blog and her willingness to share her difficult time in an effort to help others who may be going through similar issues, I know I will be reading this book, and recommending to my friends and others who have struggles with marriage issues and even discouraging times. The subject matter is all too familiar, if only more people could trust God, when it seems like all is lost.
    Looking forward to see how it plays out in the book.


  18. Two verses came to mind: "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word." Psalm 119:67
    Psalm 119:71
    It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.

    I know in my life these have proved true indeed. Crisis draws me to the Lord!

    Carole, you do an amazing job of interviewing. I love the questions you come up with. And enjoyed Robin's interview.

    I am honestly not for sure have I read any of her books. But look forward to doing that.

    I follow you on Google and email and faceboook :-)
    God bless you as you continue to encourage authors

  19. Robin I have the same kind of dress up: jeans and tshirts! Being a stay home Mom I usually stay in sweats and a baggy shirt unless it's grocery shopping or church day! Thank you for such a sweet giveaway! I really enjoyed the interview and getting to know you!

    Carole I'm a blog follower as well as liked your FB page!

  20. I'm following your blog. I also liked your Facebook page.

  21. I love Robin's books and as a matter of fact I have a review of one coming up on my blog tomorrow. :) A friend's review and recommendation totally made me long for A Promise Kept! I would feel so blessed to win! Thanks for helping us to get to know the lady "behind the awesome books" better!

    I am a follower via email and GFC.

    I liked your FB page.


  22. I have enjoyed so many of Robin's books. I just want to thank Robin for all of the great fiction and the opportunity to learn a little more about you from your interview!

  23. I enjoyed the interview. I followed blog and liked your page. Look froward to reading this book.

  24. What a great interview! My question for Robin is, "Which character is your favorite in all of your writings?"

    I am a blog follower.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  25. Thank you for the great interview! I am a fan of Robin's, have read a few of her books over the years. I too am most comfortable around home with capri's or lounge pants and getting dressed up is a pair of nice jeans, makeup, and a t-shirt. This book sounds very good and I look forward to reading it.

    Thanks for featuring great Christian authors, thank you for this giveaway, and may God continue to bless your writing Robin!



  26. Hi, Robin and Carole!!

    I enjoyed Robin's interview, and learning more about her life and writing journey!! Thanks to you both!!

    My testimony is similar to Robin's - I became a Christian when in my teens, but allowed bad choices to draw me away from God. The end of my marriage to an alcoholic, and realizing that my way of handling my life wasn't working - was the beginning of my journey back to God. As Robin said - there was nowhere else to go, and He was there - waiting to heal, love, and restore me!!

    I would love to read "A Promise Kept"!!

    I am a blog and Facebook follower.

  27. Robin, I have loved your writing ever since I read "Speak to Me of Love." I have even re-read it a few times. Your books really touch a range of emotions.

  28. What a wonderful interview. Robin I am like you, in that dressing up is jeans and makeup. This looks like a wonderful book. I look forward to reading it. Carole, thank you for sharing.

  29. I really enjoyed your interview, Robin. I went through a crisis in my marriage that took me to the depths of despair. God, in His infinite mercy, rescued me from the pit into which I had sunk. Your message reminded me that God loves us, no matter what, and is always with us. Thank you for your candidness and for your willingness to share your faith through your writing. Best wishes, Katherine

  30. Robin, what started you writing and at what age? My granddaughter writes occasionalliy. Mostly what she calls "fan facts" on some website. We are hoping it will bloom into something.I am looking forward to reading this book.
    Thanks Carole for the review and interview.

  31. Hi Robin and Carole! I think my favorite line in your interview was this: "Nothing, absolutely nothing, enters my life that isn’t caused or allowed by God—filtered first through His loving hands—for the purpose of making me more like Jesus." I've had some foot of the cross hugging moments too and if we allow them to melt us down to becoming more like Him we have moved in the right direction.

    I've read several of Robin's books and currently have Beloved in the wings to finish. I finished Betrayed a couple of weeks ago.

    Carole has my e-mail address.

    God bless, Kim

  32. Thank you to all who have left such meaningful comments for Robin! I know we can technically only have one winner, but anyone who reads A Promise Kept will be a winner. And keep sharing!

  33. I have been in a packing frenzy all day, preparing to leave on a trip to see daughter and grandkids and son-in-law. Thus I'm short on time for answering so many comments. I'll do my best.

    Cheryl, I was a compulsive writer as a child. Always scribbling something--bad poetry, diaries, letters.

    Anonymous, this book is a stand alone (women's fiction). However, I loved the setting so much that I am now writing a series of contemporary romances set in Kings Meadow. Each book will also have an historical thread.

    Melanie, since I've written over 70 books, I have lots of characters to love. However, two of my heroines stand out to me because they make me smile when I think of them: Katie Jones in Catching Katie and Cleo Arlington in Fit To Be Tied.

  34. Carol G asked when I started writing. I was always scribbling something as a child, but I never tried writing a novel until in my 20s. A series of things made me realize that I wanted to write fiction, but the final straw was reading a book with an ending that disappointed me. So I decided to write my own. I sold the book the year I turned 30.

    Thanks to all of you who left comments. I hope I caught all of the questions.

    Thank you, Carole, for the great interview.

    Now off to finish getting ready for tomorrows flights. I haven't seen these four grandkids or their parents in two whole years and I cannot wait to get to Texas, even if it will take me over 12 hours and three legs to get there.


  35. Hi, Carole and Robin! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely interview, as well as the generous giveaway. I would love to win a copy of A Promise Kept and look forward to reading this special story!

    I am a new blog follower.
    I have liked your FB page.

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

  36. I have loved all of Robin's books! I particularly loved this one and as my church's librarian, will be putting this in the library for others to enjoy! It has a very important message!! As a side note, I have some friends here in Alabama that grew up in Idaho and have recommended her books... it's always fun to read about places you recognize! :)

  37. Absolutely loved this book. Such a powerful story. If you haven't read it I encourage you to do so. Thank you Carole!

    Exclude me from the giveaway. :)


  38. Two of Robin's books that I enjoyed the most were The Shepherd's Voice and The Forgiving Hour... awesome and moving books.

    Great review

    I "liked" your Facebook page ages ago
    I also follow your blog

  39. KayM is the winner of Robin's book! Congratulations, Kay! From the comment you left, I'm sure you will be moved by this book.

    Thank you to all who entered, especially those who left meaningful comments for Robin. As I said before, everyone who reads A Promise Kept will be a winner, so please pick up a copy soon. And please come back for more author spotlights and giveaways!