Thursday, November 15, 2012

Marriage of Inconvenience
By Cheryl Bolen

Book Description:
Proposing to the Earl of Aynsley seems a sensible—if unconventional—solution to Miss Rebecca Peabody's predicament. As a married woman, she will be free to keep writing her essays on civil reform. Meanwhile, the distinguished widower will gain a stepmother for his seven children and a caretaker for his vast estate.

But the earl wants more than a convenient bride. He craves a true partner, a woman he can cherish. To his surprise, the bookish Miss Peabody appears to have every quality he desires…except the willingness to trust her new husband. Yet despite his family's interference, and her steadfast independence, time and faith could make theirs a true marriage of hearts.

My Thoughts:
At the end of this book, Cheryl Bolen wrote: "Though I have been writing and publishing romance novels set in Regency England since 1998, this is my first one for Love Inspired Historical, and I feel I've found my home with these wholesome stories." I couldn't agree more and hope this is the first of many Regencies Cheryl writes for this line.

I have been a fan of the Regency romance since reading my first Georgette Heyer book over 45 years ago, and am thrilled to see them in an inspirational format. Marriage of Inconvenience has an interesting plot, good description of the times, and the writing style flows well. I highly recommend "Marriage of Inconvenience" to all who enjoy Christian romance, especially Regencies.


  1. Thanks, Carole, for your kind words about my book. Though I've been writing Regencies since the 90s, I have found I really prefer the cleaner, more wholesome ones like Georgette Heyer wrote, and many of my recent one--including my newest Christmas Brides--are G-rated.

  2. Thanks, Carole, for the kind words about my book. Though I've been publishing Regency books since the 1990s, I have come to prefer those old traditional Regencies like Georgette Heyer wrote. Several of my newer ones, including Christmas Brides, are G-rated.