Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Christmas Kite

By Gail Gaymer Martin

I thought this was an excellent book, with great application of spiritual truths, and I want to read more by Gail Gaymer Martin.

I think it's a stretch to describe it as a Christmas book, though. Kites play a big part in the story, and a special handmade kite given as a Christmas gift comes in close to the end, but that's really all that pertains to Christmas.  This book would be enjoyable at any time of year.

"The Christmas Kite" is a tender romance between two lonely people who learn how to deal with past hurts and grow to love and trust again. A special needs child with Down Syndrome absolutely steals your heart.

I also liked that this book took place over several months, close to a year. In many romances, "true love" happens so quickly that the romance seems unrealistic. In this book, the romance grew slowly, but steadily, and felt right. I found it a very enjoyable read.

Rating:  4/5

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