Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: The Silence of Winter

The Discovery, A Lancaster County Saga
Book 2
By Wanda Brunstetter

I enjoyed this second section of a six-part serialization entitled "The Discovery, A Lancaster County Saga."  Each part is approximately 120 pages in length and will be released monthly, from February to July, 2013.  The story follows a newlywed Amish couple in Lancaster County whose relationship faces insurmountable odds.

Publisher's description

Meredith longs for the sound of her husband’s voice. She needs to know Luke has arrived safely in Indiana and hear his excitement about a new career opportunity. Most of all she needs reassurance of his love. Financial stress has taken its toll. Surely this new job will be the light at the end of the dark tunnel their young marriage seems to be trapped in. And maybe this call would be a good time to finally share her big news. . . .

But Luke’s call never comes. Instead, Meredith receives news that tears her heart to shreds and leaves her just barely living—and only for the sake of the little one growing within her. How will Meredith ever go on without Luke?

My thoughts

Let me begin by saying that I am enjoying The Discovery's serial format.  Wanda writes in a comfortable, easy-flowing style that pulls me into the narrative, and which lends itself well to this serialization.  Each section ends in a cliffhanger, but the rest of the story just moves the action along at a steady pace and lets us get to know the characters better, while identifying with their struggles and pain.

We get to know more about Luke's character in this section.  After the memorial service, Meredith reflects:  "Luke had become a friend to many in the community.  He'd exuded confidence, and even to strangers, he had seemed comfortable talking about most any subject. He'd been open minded and straightforward, and it was those qualities that people had liked about him. He'd had an infectious personality and had made many friends over the years because of it. Folks just gravitated toward him, and it was evident that Luke's death had hit the community quite hard."

Other characters are introduced who will certainly come to play a large part in future sections of this story:  Susan, a Christian nurse in Pennsylvania who cares for her unconscious patient, and Jonah, a close friend from Meredith's past who moves back to Bird-in-Hand.  I also enjoyed Sheriff Tyler, who is admired and respected by the Amish community.

As Meredith copes with grief and struggles to manage financially, Wanda does a good job at shining the light of hope into a heartbreaking situation.  I look forward to continuing on with The Hope of Spring, which released on April 1.

I definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy inspirational fiction, especially Amish fiction.  Just realize that The Silence of Winter is part of a serialization and therefore fairly short.

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This book was provided by Barbour Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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