Monday, August 23, 2010

"The Preacher's Daughter" is the first book in the Annie's People series by Beverly Lewis. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Beverly's writing and look forward to continuing this series, which definitely needs to be read in order.

Amish beliefs differ from mine, yet I enjoy many writers in this genre. Maybe it's the draw of the simple life, uncluttered by all the technologies which consume our time today. Or maybe it's their faith, commitment to family, respect for those in authority over them, or the way they honor and take care of the elderly.

I like that Beverly doesn't write "simplistic" Amish fiction, but brings out conflict and shows that being baptized into the church isn't necessarily an easy decision. And I didn't realize until reading "The Preacher's Daughter" that claiming to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ is considered by the Amish to be prideful and therefore a punishable offence. I am eager to see how Beverly developes several interesting themes in this series.