Friday, January 31, 2014

Posting book reviews

For readers who would like to encourage authors by posting a review online, here are several sites where either reviews or links to your review can be posted . . .


Amazon -
Barnes & Noble - -
Booksamillion -
FamilyChristianStores - - -

Social media and other sites:

Google+ -
Twitter -
Pinterest -

Facebook -
(Other Facebook suggestions:  author's page, publisher's page, Avid Readers of Christian Fiction, Christian Fiction Devourers, Christian Review of Books, Soul Inspirationz Community Group. For Amish books, post on Amish Literature Fans, Amish Christian Romance and NonFiction Book Releases)

Goodreads -
(Other Goodreads suggestions:  Christian Fiction Devourers, Christian Fiction Bloggers)

Novel Crossing -
PaperbackSwap -
BookLikes -
LibraryThing -
Shelfari -
SoulInspirationz (forum) -
Cross Reads -

Please share if you know of other sites!