Thursday, September 3, 2009

My first trip to Germany

My daughter, Beth, has lived in Tubingen, Germany for almost a year now, leading a newly-formed campus ministry. I was recently blessed with the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks with her. I haven't had time to download my pictures yet, so I'm going to post some Internet pictures of places we visited.

These pictures are of the Neckar River and the Old Town, which has been preserved since the 600's and survived World War II. There were crooked cobblestone lanes, hilly terrain, streets lined with canals, traditional half-timbered buildings, and market day. Incredibly beautiful!


  1. Cannot WAIT to see your photos!!
    Glad you gave us a tidbit anyway!

    Love you

  2. Everything looks so lovely! Every time I'm in Europe I feel like I'm on a movie set...

    Funny that these are internet photos - I have an internal debate whenever I post travel photos, since I figure someone else has already taken a similar shot far better than I could - so why would anyone want to look at mine! So I post what are sometimes awful photos, but they always have people in that I know... so they are unique!

    Looking forward to seeing your photos either way...

  3. I loved visiting Germany. It's so quaint. Thanks for visiting Knowlton Nest. I need to listen to that song again and again. I loved it, that's why I posted it.