Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review: Pieces on Earth

Pieces on Earth
By Cathy Bryant
WordVessel Press, 2015


As the wife of a naval aviator in sunny Pensacola, Florida, Liv Tulley eagerly anticipates the first Christmas in several years with her husband, daughter, and extended family. Then her husband is unexpectedly deployed for an undetermined amount of time, smashing her white Christmas dreams to pieces. Can she find God's peace in the midst of life's pieces?

My thoughts

I enjoyed Pieces on Earth so very much, from both a fictional standpoint and also because of its spiritual themes. In this novella, Cathy has beautifully combined the power of story with one of the best presentations of the gospel message that I’ve ever seen. Another strength is the application of this message to the lead character’s life. Pieces on Earth is not only a great read, but would be a thoughtful gift to anyone, no matter where they are in their Christian journey.

Comfortable with her husband’s stateside assignment as instructor pilot at Pensacola NAS, Liv is shocked by his unexpected deployment and doesn’t handle it very well, to say the least. Her initial reaction is realistic, honest, and similar to what mine would undoubtedly be in the same circumstance. Liv is forced to acknowledge that her relationship with God wasn’t where it should be, and she had pushed Him away in her anger and hurt.

Liv’s four-year-old daughter, Chesney, is precious, and it is through their nightly bedtime stories that Jesus is clearly revealed, from creation to resurrection. I love how the title reflects the contrast between pieces and peace – the broken pieces of our lives vs. the One who can glue them all back together, our Prince of Peace. Here are just a few quotes that spoke to me . . .

“The enemy wanted to keep her in pieces rather than
experiencing God’s peace.”

“Stop focusing on the storm and instead focus on the
Stiller of Storms. Seek after God, not answers.”

“Sometimes we don’t realize how He’s fixing us until we look
back and see how He’s glued us back together.”

This sweet story packs a powerful message into its pages and I highly recommend it to all readers. Thank you, Cathy, for helping us to look past all the commercialism and busyness of Christmas, and focus on the true Prince of Peace.

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  1. Carole, thank you so much for your beautiful review. You perfectly encapsulated this special story. I pray that the book will be used by our Lord to bring His peace into our brokenness. Merry Christmas! Cathy :)

    1. Cathy, the best of Christian fiction ministers to or challenges us in some way, and that's exactly what your story will do for readers. I pray that it will be read by those who need its healing message. Thank you for being so committed to your writing, Cathy. And thank you for your kind words, because writing does not come easily to me!

  2. Hi Carole. Thanks for the review of Cathy's book. Would love to win.
    Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

    1. Maxie, I believe this is a book you would greatly enjoy. I'm just posting a review this time, but hope to interview Cathy soon, so do come back.

  3. Sounds like a very sweet book. Perfect to match up with a mug of hot chocolate & a blanket :)

    1. I'm with you on that mug of hot chocolate & blanket, Joanne! I live in the south where don't have all that much cold weather, but I do love my wood stove when it gets cold - and curling up with a book like this is wonderful. Thank you for stopping by, Joanne.

  4. Thanks for the well-written review. :)
    From #JoyHopeLive

  5. I loved this book so much! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.