Friday, June 27, 2008

A delightful discovery

A friend told me a long time ago that I would love this book and I finally got around to reading it. Was she ever right! Thank you, Kathryn!

I was hooked from the very first sentence: "There are gods in Alabama: Jack Daniel’s, high school quarterbacks, trucks, big tits, and also Jesus. I left one back there myself, back in Possett. I kicked it under the kudzu and left it to the roaches . . ."

Familiar themes of a dysfunctional Southern family, coming of age in small-town Alabama, quirky characters, the black boyfriend and racial prejudice - Joshilyn Jackson handles all this and more with freshness and humor. I found this one hard to put down.

You won't believe the neighbor with the pet chicken!


  1. *squeeeeee* I am so glad that you liked this book! I knew you would! It was so riveting for me. And I loved her book, Between, Georgia too

  2. I liked Between, Georgia better than gods. Her third is on my someday-read list.

  3. Pattie, I don't know how you found my blog, but thank you for your comment! I plan on reading whatever Joshilyn Jackson writes, and as I live in Georgia, "Between, Georgia" ought to be very special.

  4. You and I have a lot of similarities in favorite movies and books...I liked this book, too! As soon as I get through judging in this contest, I think I'll get Between, Georgia, since Pattie liked it even better.

    Thanks for voting for the lighthouse, too!

  5. Hi Carole, Thanks for your post about the Statler Brothers on my blog. How do we kindred spirits find each other??? This book sounds exactly like what I would like to read--ack! Another author to add to my "wish" list. Hope to see you again at the cafe, and I'll be checking back here, too.

    All the best.