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Review: The Courting Campaign

The Courting Campaign by Regina Scott is the first book in her new Master Matchmakers series, published as part of the Love Inspired Historical line. This series is set in 1815 near the Peak District in Derbyshire and the books are connected through the servants from four homes who meet during their time off to make plans to find their master a suitable wife. The Courting Campaign is an engaging and entertaining romance with a very interesting scientific theme built around natural philosopher Nicholas Rotherford.


Emma Pyrmont has no designs on handsome Sir Nicholas Rotherford - at least not for herself. As his daughter's nanny, she sees how lonely little Alice has been. With the cook's help, Emma shows the workaholic scientist just what Alice needs. But making Nicholas a better father makes Emma wish her painful past didn't mar her own marriage chances. Ever since scandal destroyed his career, Nicholas has devoted himself to his new invention. Now his daughter's sweet, quick-witted nanny is proving an unexpected distraction. All evidence suggests that happiness is within reach - if only a man of logic can trust in the deductions of his own heart.

My thoughts

The Courting Campaign is a thoroughly enjoyable historical romance, with enough character depth and drama to keep me turning the pages. Scientific invention in the area of coal mining safety is a major theme that I found very interesting.

Nicholas is a natural philosopher whose family derives income from the leasing of a coal mine on his property in Derbyshire, and he is concerned about these miners who risk their lives daily. Regina explains . . . "During the early Regency, coal was much in demand for new industrial processes, but the mining of it was laborious and dangerous. One of the biggest dangers was firedamp, what we call methane gas today." Nicholas, caught up in trying to develop a light that could be used without igniting the firedamp, hardly knows his four-year-old daughter, which is where Emma comes in. I loved how she and the servants conspire to create opportunities for Nicholas to spend time with Alice.

Peak District, Derbyshire

And, of course, a sweet romance develops between Nicholas and Emma. I especially liked that they are together often and their romance grows steadily throughout the story, rather than there being lots of misunderstanding or conflict. Plenty of conflict is introduced through someone from Emma's past.

Secondary characters add much interest. Alice is a charming child with an adorable confidant in her doll, Lady Chamomile. Mrs. Jennings, the cook, is a loving grandmotherly type and I hope we see more of her in this series.

Within the Love Inspired line, I would give The Courting Campaign a 5-star rating. It is an enjoyable and touching story that I recommend to those who like inspirational romances. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Regina Scott

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  1. This one is on my TBR shelf. Gotta make time to read it! Love Regency Romance.