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Review + Tour GIVEAWAY: After the Rain by Brandy Bruce

After the Rain Blog Tour

About the Book


Series: Sequel to The Last Summer 
Genre: Adult, Christian, Contemporary, Fiction, Inspirational, Romance 
Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas 
Publication date: February 4, 2019

Debra Hart is moving on. Maybe. Hopefully. One day.

As a radio show host, Debra spends her mornings as Miss Lonely Heart on air, empathizing with all the broken hearts in the Denver metro area. She spends her evenings watching old musicals and trying not to think about the guy who broke up with her and subsequently fell in love with one of her best friends. 

Alone in a new city, Debra questions where she belongs and who she is now. When she stumbles into the indie music scene, Debra meets singer Ben Price. Rock star appeal, with a day job as a worship pastor, Ben is everything Debra wants to avoid. But he’s determined to be her friend, and it so happens she could really use one. Because try as she might, nothing seems to erase the anger and betrayal she feels. 

It’s time for a new dream. But how does she start over when she doesn’t even know what she wants anymore?

My thoughts

Brandy Bruce’s After the Rain is proof that you don’t have to love a character in order to fall in love with a book. Bruce is a talented, entertaining writer whose books have a fresh and unique approach. She creates a sense of community composed of normal people, hands them difficult, real-life situations to deal with, and infuses a faith element that touches all our lives. These characters connect emotionally with the reader.

The Colorado setting is so vividly conveyed that you just might want to visit that lovely state. Some of the outdoor adventures – hiking, rafting, zip lining – provide great scenes and opportunities for communication.

I thoroughly enjoyed the previous story that took place in Texas, The Last Summer, in which Debra played a key part (click on title to see my review). Don’t hesitate to read After the Rain if you’re new to the series, but starting with The Last Summer will give a much better understanding of where Debra is coming from.

To be honest, I didn’t care for Debra in the previous book. It wasn’t that she was a bad person; I just wanted her to stop intruding between a couple that obviously belonged together – but then, there wouldn’t have been much of a story if she had. After the Rain is Debra’s story, and the title says it all. Through Bruce’s creative writing, we get to know Debra, see her heart – all the hurts, heartbreak, broken and strained relationships, and distancing herself from the God she used to love as she led worship. I longed for Debra to get her joy back, and her journey is one readers can connect with.

And what a lovely character Ben is! Flawed, too, with a past of guilt and regrets, but with a life reflective of God’s grace. He’s exactly what Debra needs – patient, caring, tender, and sharing a testimony of faith by the life he lives. Their chemistry comes across as real and sincere.

I especially enjoyed how faith themes are gently woven throughout and that we see all aspects of faith, including the realities of questioning, doubting, and seeking.

After the Rain has a complexity that makes it much more than a contemporary romance. I hope there will be more stories involving characters from both of the books.

Highly recommended.

To get an even better sense of character and setting, visit Bruce’s After the Rain Pinterest board.

I received a copy of this book through SLB Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.


About the Author

Bruceauthorphoto (2)

Brandy Bruce is a mom to three kids, a wife, a writer, a book editor, and someone who really loves dessert. She and her family make their home in the beautiful state of Virginia.


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