Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Review + GIVEAWAY: Selah's Stolen Dream by Susan Count

Selah’s Stolen Dream
By Susan Count
Dream Horse Adventures #4
Hastings Creations Group, 2020


One girl’s victory is another’s tragic defeat.

Thirteen-year-old Selah’s perfect life unravels when her beloved horse is stolen. Then ten-year-old Emma buys the dream of a lifetime at a horse auction. When she learns the horse was stolen, even removing her hearing aid won’t drown out the voice telling her to make it right.

But two girls can’t divide the horse they both adore. So will life surprise them with an answered prayer?

My thoughts

The new YA release by Susan Count, Selah’s Stolen Dream, is a fabulous book for all ages. I have no personal experience with horses, but love reading about them. Selah’s Stolen Dream continues the adventures of Selah, now 13 years old, but background is provided so that it easily stands alone.

I highly recommend this story for many reasons. The writing is excellent and well-paced, with good character development. I was caught up from the beginning and loved the emotional pull of this story.

The narrative flows from two young girls’ perspectives, Selah and Emma, and growth is seen in both. In the beginning, Selah is a little too caught up in her “perfect” life revolving around Sweet Dream, winning competitions, and a possible film contract – until her precious horse is stolen. She quickly learns that the horse world has a dark side where greed is involved.

What I loved most about Selah’s Stolen Dream is the invaluable life lessons skillfully woven throughout. 10-year-old Emma is deaf, yearning to be treated normally in spite of her handicap. Her determination is an inspiration, and Black Velvet (Sweet Dream) gave her a new-found confidence and companionship. Although Selah never gave up the hope of finding Sweet Dream, she learned what life’s most valuable treasures are.

It’s the right thing.
What good is love if you don’t share it?
- Selah

One life lesson resonated greatly with me, that of doing the right thing. Selah learned empathy as she came to realize how her victory brought heartbreak to another. The author brings this story to a beautiful conclusion with far-reaching effects, emotional and heartwarming.

Selah’s Stolen Dream may be written for YA readers, but I loved everything about this moving story. It would work well for book club discussion and home school curriculum. And it offers some great teachable opportunities for families.

Highly recommended.

I received a copy of this book through Great Escapes Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.


      How many twists and turns can one person take before they figure out what they were born to do? Susan Count’s degree is in Applied Science–nothing in that prepared her to write novels for children. But one day, she began to write with no preconceived ideas. No one could have been more astounded than she was when it turned into a middle grade equine series. As a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Texas Association of Authors, she takes the craft of writing seriously and considers revision to be her super-power.
      She writes at an antique secretary desk that occupies a glass room with a forest view. Fittingly, it once belonged to the same wise grandmother who introduced Susan to the love of reading via Walter Farley’s horse books. That desk has secret compartments which hold memories, mysteries and story ideas.
      Susan is a lifelong equestrian and is owned by a Rocky Mountain Horse. She is convinced that the only thing more delightful than riding the forest trails might be writing horse adventure stories. She invites you to saddle up and ride along.

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