Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Memorial Service

Every year McDonough Christian Church hosts a Christmas Memorial Service on Thanksgiving weekend.  As Scott and Lindy Gregory call out the names, family members place an ornament picturing their loved ones(s) upon the tree.  Symbolic ornaments are also placed for fallen police officers and those in military service.


It's a simple, but very meaningful service . . . the singing of Christmas carols led by Michael and Emily Dove, Scripture reading, devotional by Paul Leslie, and Kathy Troccoli's "Goodbye for Now" sung by Wanda Brewer.  All of this comes together because of the ministry of a sweet, humble servant of God named Marjo Anliker, who wouldn't want me to say any more about her.  But she has a heart for grief ministry born out of personal experience.  So thank you to Marjo and all the others who helped, from all of us who got to remember and honor our loved ones.

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