Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Top 5 Bookish Resolutions

Thank you to the folks at The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this fun Top Ten Tuesday meme each week! Visit here to see tons of other bloggers’ lists.

This topic has been fun to think about, but there’s no way I could come up with ten. So here’s my . . .

Top 5 Bookish Resolutions for 2016

1) Read daily in NIV Chronological Bible that my daughter gave me for Christmas. In all honesty, I’m not very good at completing a one-year plan – at least in one year. Let’s just say that I’m pretty well acquainted with the early Old Testament books. Often busyness is the problem, and other times it’s because I spend more time in certain passages and fall way behind the plan.
        However, I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing imperative about finishing in a year – but rather, it’s that I read regularly. I’ve also wanted to do a chronological reading, so I resolve to begin reading – and read at my own pace.

2) Make a new Top Ten Tuesday graphic. I’ve had fun playing around with graphics related to books I read and wanted to make a top ten image that reflected me. I love to read and I love cats. Enough said.

3) Cut back on the number of books that I agree to review. Okay, this is a hard one because I love to read, but too many review deadlines take the joy out of reading. And I’m not the fastest of readers.

4) Do more to promote the authors I enjoy most. Although I have no artistic ability, I’ve discovered a love for graphics, collages, etc. I don’t know how helpful these are at drawing attention to authors, but they’re fun and I want to get better at creating them. Also, one of the best parts of this whole review/blogging thing is getting to know some authors personally, so I’d like to do more author interviews.

5) Read more non-review books, but still write reviews. Before I became so involved in reviewing Christian fiction, I used to read a lot of really good general fiction – family sagas, gothic romances, women’s fiction, cozy mysteries, etc. – and I miss those. So my plan is to be more selective in what I commit to review, then read some of these other genres that I enjoy.


  1. What great goals. I too need to commit to less review books. So hard to do, but I think I feel like you, sometimes being over-committed takes away my enjoyment and ability to appreciate what I am reading. I have a ton of books - non-review books I want to read. And don't because I am reading so many review books. So I too, want to spend a little time here and there enjoying them, that means, cutting back!
    You do an amazing job with the graphics and pictures on your blog. I really enjoy it, because of you, but also because you are great at adding color to it.

  2. I like your reading goals and I too will read the Bible more, I may read my chronological version. I am an Amazon Vine reviewer and am being more choosy in accepting free books since my TBR stacks are towering.

  3. Carole, I agree with your goal about reading the Bible. I have never read through the Bible in a year, but I have read the entire Bible. Right now I'm closing in on reading it through again. I've been reading at least a chapter every day for over two years. I always got frustrated with the read-the-Bible-in-a-year plans because if you get behind, it is so hard to catch up. Catching up a chapter or two to keep with the program makes it doable. Best wishes for you goals for 2016.

  4. Carole, I enjoy your reviews - and I agree that you should set aside some time for your favorite genres!

  5. Your list is very similar to mine. Again, great minds . . . . ;) I liked that you want to promote authors you like. I have been reading some articles about the state of publishing, the need for authors to promote across platforms, etc. Readers and reviewers need to more effectively get the word out about great books. I have been reading more indie authors and have been impressed with the quality and depth to the fiction. They especially need our help! Thanks for sharing your resolutions.