Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Dangerous Prayer

Dangerous Prayer
By Cheri Fuller
Barbour Publishing, 2015


Dangerous prayers happen when you turn your all over to God and offer yourself as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). They don’t take you to a comfortable, easy place. They test you, stretch you, and take you where you wouldn’t have chosen. They change not only your life but the lives of other people.

Join gifted speaker and award-winning author, Cheri Fuller, as she illustrates—from Bible times to today—what happens when God’s people pray dangerous prayers. Each of the 21 chapters is rooted in scripture and weaves together a beautiful tapestry of lives and kingdoms impacted through the power of prayer.

My thoughts

It’s been years since I’ve read one of Cheri Fuller’s excellent books on prayer, and Dangerous Prayer was a welcome discovery. Interesting, inspirational – but most of all, this collection just might prompt your thinking or cause you to reconsider a quiet whisper of God’s Spirit.

Cheri writes in the introduction that dangerous prayers “start when we turn our efforts over to the Lord and are ready to lay down our agenda for His will.” Following is a moving collection of stories about people who prayed “dangerous prayers” and found themselves and others used or changed in incredible ways. Prayers like . . .

  • “God, do whatever you need to do.”
  • “Break my heart for people.”
  • “Lord, show me the way.”
  • “What do you want me to do?”
  • “Lord, show me what’s on your heart.”
  • “Help me show ____ Your love.”
  • “Launch me, Lord, out into the deep with You . . . past all my reservations, my timidity, and my comfort zone. Whatever this means, break me fee from spiritual mediocrity.”

There’s no doubt as to whom the main character is, and that’s God. It’s also wonderful to see the way He specifically worked in each storyteller’s life and to be reminded that this is the same God at work in our lives. I loved how Cheri points out that even praying the Lord’s Prayer – “God, may Your kingdom come” – is a dangerous prayer because you’re surrendering to God’s plans and letting go of your own.

Dangerous Prayer is an inspiring and challenging book. Recommended.


        Cheri Fuller is a gifted speaker and award-winning author of more than forty books, including The One Year Women’s Friendship Devotional, the bestselling When Mothers Pray, and A Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer. Her books have been translated into many languages, and her speaking ministry has provided encouragement to people throughout the U.S. and abroad.
        A former Oklahoma Mother of the Year, Cheri has been a frequent guest on national TV and radio programs. Her articles on family, spiritual growth, relationships, and prayer have appeared in Family Circle, Focus on the Family, Guideposts, and many other publications. Cheri holds a master’s degree in English literature and is executive director of the nonprofit organization Redeeming the Family. She and her husband, Holmes, live in Oklahoma, and have three grown children and six wonderful grandchildren.
        Cheri’s books, Bible studies, and other resources can be found at along with information on her speaking topics and how to schedule Cheri for events. To find out more about the ministry, visit

Thank you to Barbour Publishing for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Sounds like a great book. Can't wait to read this one.

  2. Been there and done that - the journey can be painful but the result is a wonderful and deeper relationship with the Lord. I look back on my life and wish that I had prayed some of those prayers earlier, but I also know that I was not ready to go through the testing either. The one you hear most often is the prayer for patience. The one that causes me hesitation is asking the Lord to do whatever needs to be done in someone else's life to bring them to salvation. What a great idea for a book.