Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: Power in the Blood of Christ

By Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Weaving together Old Testament imagery and New Testament teaching with facts of science and biology, Power in the Blood of Christ presents a cogent, solidly constructed explanation of how the blood of Christ operates at full power in the life of every believer who yields to its life-giving flow.  This 8-week interactive study is an updated, revised version of The Life Changing Power in the Blood of Christ originally published in 2003.

My review:
The cover stunningly depicts the feel of Power in the Blood of Christ.

I have read and studied other books by Jennifer in the past, and have always come away with a much deeper understanding of a topic that I thought I knew a lot about going in.  Jennifer is one of the best motivational teachers and communicators I have come across, and she ranks with those at the top when it comes to teaching on prayer.

Power in the Blood of Christ is a moving study on a topic that we don't often see.  The book is divided into eight weekly sections, with in-depth teaching, often bringing in scientific facts.  Questions are scattered throughout - questions that make you think and look deep inside yourself.  I found it difficult to read this book for review purposes only, because I kept wanting to go back and work through the study in depth. 

If you have never used one of Jennifer's studies, this is an excellent place to begin.  Those familiar with her work will welcome this updated version.  This study would also work well for either personal or group study.

I highly recommend this book to those who desire a deeper understanding and life-changing study on the blood of Christ.  I also recommend trying some of Jennifer's earlier studies, especially Live a Praying Life.

For more information, see Jennifer Kennedy Dean's website:

This book was provided by New Hope Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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