Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Review: Enough of Me: an 8-Week Bible Study by Priscilla Peters

Enough of Me: Winning the Tug-of-War Between Our Flesh and Our Mission
By Priscilla Peters
Ambassador International, 2018

About the Book

Enough of Me is an 8-week Bible study for women focused on what God's Word has to say about the tug-of-war between our flesh and our mission. The study explores the barriers that stand between where we are today and where God wants to use us to finish His work.

Do you have a nagging in your heart for more purpose? Are you right smack dab in the middle of a tug-of-war between your flesh and your mission?

Often we want to live out the purpose and mission God has for us, but we're too distracted, exhausted, and empty. Maybe it's time to say enough to the excuses, anxiety, and interruptions that get in our way. Could it be we're so busy chasing emptiness and playing the people-pleasing game, that we can't find time to live on mission?

It's time to take a deep breath and do some inventory. Let's dig in and see what God's Word has to say about this tug-of-war between our flesh and our mission. Let's figure out ways to quit chasing emptiness and take bold steps of obedience. Let's discover how we can glorify God and steer people to Jesus in our cubicles, at our dinner tables, in our mom-groups, and with people we encounter every day.

What would happen if we said Enough of Me . . . more Jesus.

My thoughts

Timely, relevant, honest and real are just a few ways I would describe Enough of Me: Winning the Tug-of-War between Our Flesh and Our Mission. Focusing on the theme of “enough of me, more of Jesus,” Priscilla Peters leads through topics such as surrender, peace, mission, purpose, and obedience. At first, I thought that this was a nice study, but not something I necessarily needed – only to quickly realize how much I would actually benefit from it.

Enough of Me is an 8-week Bible study with five lessons per week. Each lesson begins with a personal story or illustration, then weaves together Scripture, questions, and moments for quiet reflection in the application section. I like that the study is thorough, yet conversational, and presented in a manner that is easy to follow and non-threatening. It’s like she sits down with you, puts you at ease, and engages you with her contagious enthusiasm.

The author is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. In fact, she reminds me of my favorite type of speaker, one who has you laughing, then hits home with a pointed statement or question. Enough of Me should appeal to women of any age or level in their Christian journey.

Here’s a couple of thoughts that stood out to me …

It’s easy to create a destination of obedience instead of a continued progression of obedience. If I’m chasing after completing the catalog of obedience, I’ll miss the reward in the evolution of surrender. Bold obedience is a process, not a destination.

Our humanity wants to pursue our own agenda, but we were made for more. The process of dying to our flesh daily is a stroll on the tight rope of life.


I received an e-copy of this book through Just Read Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.


Advertising executive.
Blended family survivor.
Seriously inappropriate laugher.

Priscilla is a professional storyteller.

Whether it's words on a page, chit chat over coffee, or sharing her own journey in a packed auditorium – there will be laughs, there might be tears, and fun is sure to be had.

There’s no tellin’ where this narrator of life will take you, but you will cackle, you will grow, and the journey will darn-sure be anchored in Jesus.


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